Our Services

Google Voice Phone+ for users inside the USA, combines Google Voice and 911 service and we can offer you flat rate calling to most any country of your choice, as well as incoming numbers from most any country, while enjoying the benefits of Google Voice, and the security of 911 service. As the costs of calls and incoming numbers vary by country city and even number dialed , please contact us with your the countries you need to call for a quote. You can connect up to three of your own SIP devices that can be located anywhere in the world, even in separate countries. You get free device to device calling and calling to all SIPBroker codes as well, which allows you to dial into multitudes of VoIP services free. If you need more than three phones, we can offer you a low annual fee as well. Contact us for more information. Base price with USA and Canada calling only (using Google Voice), and up to 3 phones is $59.99 USD for the first year then $39.99 USD per year thereafter. This is like a mini PBX when used in a small office or can be your private line for calls between homes in different countries, all phones can make and receive calls, even the third line can make or receive a call while the other two are occupied!. It is truly a "whole house, multi-line phone system" with multiple simultaneous calls and calling between extensions.

Google Voice MultiPhone is only for users located outside of the USA, and need no need for 911 service. Is exactly as above (Google Voice Phone+) without the need to pay for 911 service that you do not need. The cost is $39.99 USD for the first year, then just $24.99 USD per year therafter. Contact us for more information.

Google Voice Phone for a single phone only, and for users located outside of the USA and need no 911 service, please see our sister site, GoogleVoicePhone for more information. There is a one-time fee and it includes the ATA device that connects between your phone and modem.

VoiceMail to Email is a service that gives you a dedicated number from the country of your choice that is noting more than a voicemail to email box. Using digital services from most phone services you can configure it as the voice mail box for most any line. The benifit is that all voice mail is delivered to email so you can get it from anywhere, even when your cell phone batery is dead, or in the case of home phones when you are away from home. Contact us for more information. There is an annual fee for this service, which varies depending on where you want you number from. The cost for a Mexico number for instance is different that the cost of a USA number or Canadian number. We can also create voicemail to email boxes using numbers from most any country in the world.

If you need assistance setting up a Google Voice account, or SIP hardware for use with Google Voice MultiPhone or Google Voice Phone+, and have paid the initial fee, please contact us. Sometimes it is easier for us to help you with this by remote control of your computer.

If you are having issues with Google Voice MultiPhone or Google Voice Phone+, please contact us.

For sales inquiries, please contact us.