Welcome To Ice VoIP; The Coolest VoIP on the Planet

Ice VoIP breaks all the barriers of Google Voice and changes everything that you thought you knew about VoIP! You get Google Voice, 911, and SIPBroker Integration for a small annual fee. This basic configuration allows you to place up to three VoIP devices or VoIP phones in your home or office with full 911 service. You can use any SIP or IAX compliant devices, and it works from anywhere in the world. Although Google has never competed directly with VoIP providers, they have offered a stable Google Voice service for many years. We offer the ability to add 911 and SIPBroker dialing included, while allowing you to register your own SIP compliant devices (up to three). With the stability of Google Voice, combined with 911, and SIPBroker, we make Google Voice surpass the quality and convenience of the major USA based VoIP providers. We call this "Google Voice Phone+" as it connects to a standard telephone via an ATA device, just like the major VoIP providers do with other substantial differences. For instance, it costs less and you can connect dedicated SIP IP Desk Phones, or ATAs, as you wish, and it allows multiple simultaneous calls! If you do not need the 911 service, for use outside the USA only, consider our Google Voice MultiPhone product. It includes all of the features above except you do not pay for 911 service that you do not need.


This configuration also allows you make and receive multiple calls simultaneously. You can also call from a device in one room to a device in a different room. Your Google Voice account is FREE you can sign up at the Google Voice Web Site (you must be in the USA or use a USA based VPN or proxy). If you already have a Gmail account, you should log in first to Gmail. We also offer additional services including more than three devices for use in an office or small hotel, or flat rate calling to most any destinaton in the world. We can also add a local phone number from most anywhere in the world, such as Canada, Mexico, UK, or Australia. All of our billing is annual and we accept payment only by PayPal subscription. The base cost of the service with up to 3 phones and 911 is only $39.99 Per year. The first year there is am additional $20.00 setup fee. That is about the price of MagicJack annually or a Month of Vonage but this is three times more flexible, because you could actually have three different calls going on the same Google Voice account simultaneously.

Do you live outside the USA? If so we can save you even more money as you do not need 911 service.

Do you need more than three phones? If so we can offer as many phones as you like connected to a single Google Voice Account.